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Comic for: July 19th, 2004
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EverQuest: "Changing the Locks"
Posted: Monday July 19th, 2004 by

Today's comic is a bit late considering it's based on the last patch message.

As I've probably mentioned before SOE revamped Veeshan's Peak (a dunceon full of Dragons) to be an elemental level zone. With that revamp came the need to go one step further with VP keys. I figure if Druushk happened to take his vacation during the change, he probably came back to a frustrating situation.

Of course, that means you'd have to know that Druushk is one of the old dragons in VP. **shrugs** I thought it was funny dammit. Stop looking at me like that.


On a side note, today is going to be a busy day for GU. T-shirts will be available again (through Offline T-shirts). And, SOE will start a 3 week ad run on the site. I'm as curious as you are to see what they're going to push, I haven't seen the ads yet. I did tell them though, that you guys prefer humor... so let's cross our fingers and hope eh?

Hopefully, this is the first step in enticing other gaming companies to advertise on GU, which will (I hope) lead to further giveaways and schtuff. It's all about growing the site.


You can get the see the GU Goodies Here!

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