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Comic for: May 26th, 2004
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EverQuest: "Smedley"
Posted: Wednesday May 26th, 2004 by

Today's comic is pretty much the depiction of how I feel about the Omens of War expansion for EverQuest.

SOE's rapid push for this next expansion is little more than a money grab attempt by the corporate big whigs before the well runs dry. In other words, Smedley and his peers has his hand buried elbow deep in our pockets digging for every scrap of our cash that they can get. Unlike the Devs and CS staff, these people in the company echelon are not concerned with the quality of the game, or the feelings of the players and fans. Their only interest is in the financial gain. Smedley has said as much himself.

In my opinion EQ is not ready for another expansion. I agree with one of my SOE contacts that OoW should not be released until Q4, and the dev staff should be allowed to work on EQ throughout the summer to shore up the system, correct bugs, work with graphics, optimization, etc.

Like I said, it's not the dev staff or cs team that are to blame for the state of EQ right now. The entire burden rests on the shoulders of the money grubbers. And, the only way we're going to effect change within the game is if we affect the bottom line. What I'm saying to you is...

Don't purchase Omens of War.

We will only convince Smedley and his ilk to give the devs the go ahead to change the game, if we absolutely REFUSE to buy any more trash exansions in the HOPES that we'll actually get our money's worth.

We have to put our proverbial foot down, force them to extract their fingers from our wallets, and engender an atmosphere of "no more money without change".

For most of us, EQ is no longer fun. It's no longer the game we fell in love with. I for one want that game back. I want the devs to have their way with the game. Looking at the other popular MMOG's on the market, I want the devs to be allowed to alter the game to make it fun again. And, they want to. They've been begging to. But, the higher ups aren't listening.

This, I guess, is my initial "call to arms". This community has to rally the rest of the EQ collective to make a stand. Let's put our credit cards away. Let's show them by not paying for the game, that we're unwilling to be force fed quick-fire expansions like Omens ever again.


When I'm fully moved and can spend the time to write, I will be drafting "the EQ-Lover's Manifesto" which will serve as our outline/request for change. Hopefully the rest of the community will build behind me and support the stance, and we'll get the game we deserve. We'll get our beloved EQ back.

The shirt Ted is wearing is another Split Reason item. I thought it was appropriate given the nature and intent of the comic.

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