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Comic for: May 25th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Stupid Juice"
Posted: Tuesday May 25th, 2004 by

Before you get mad at me about poking at Gnomes specifically, let me just say:

Stupid Juice is NOT limited to Gnomes. I think though that it may be a necessary requirement for mining in World of Warcraft.

People get so hopped up about certain kinds of ore veins that they will drop everything to mine them, often at the expense of the rest of the group. I have seen players risk life and limb to rush a mine before anyone else gets to it. I've also seen two people trying to wait each other out as a large monster courses past a mine. You see, the first one to go in gets attacked and can't mine the ore, so the second person in COULD mine the vein.

It's all quite disturbing. And, Tin Veins are the LEAST of the psychoses. People get positively crazy in the face of Iron Veins... Gold... Mithril (if it can even BE mined).

Anywho, this comic probably has little to do with anything except my need to use "stupid juice" in a strip. **whistles**

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