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Comic for: April 30th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Ecological Disaster"
Posted: Friday April 30th, 2004 by

So, today's comic is based on a series of quests given to Horde members.

The beginning of the quest, you asked to kill Plainstriders (giant birds) who are destroying crops and being a genral nuisance. You collect their beaks to provid proof that you've "responded to the problem.

After turning in the beaks, the quest giver informs you that the plainstriders, with their pecking and scratching, tilled the land helping the grasses grow that served as the zhevras chief food source. And, now that the Plainstriders are gone, the Zhevras have begun encroaching on the crops in search for food. So Sergra, the quest giver, sends you back out to rid the land of the zhevras.

Upon bringin back zhevra hooves as proof of your deeds, Sergra tells you that plainstriders and zhevras were the primary game of Savannah Prowlers (Lions) and now without their prey, the Prowlers have begun attacking travelers on the road. Sergra then tasks you with forcing the prowlers back.

When you're done, you bring Sergra the claws you've cut from the Prowlers, to which she responds by telling you how prowlers were the only natural enemies of Scytheclaw Raptors (Velociraptors). And, now that you've taken out their natural enemies, the Scytheclaw can run about unchecked and wreak havoc. Once again you're given the charge of solving the problem. This time Serga sends you out to defile the Scytheclaw's nests (using their own bladders).

When you return to Sergra to inform her the deed is done, she lets you know that Stormsnouts (Thunderlizards) usually snack on the eggs. And since the nests have been defiled the Stormsnouts have gone into a tizzy, trambling everything in their path. So you have to go out yet again to fix the problem. You collect vials of their blood and return... just to have her tell you that things are still not in balance.

Now, I went through the quests, and this is the point to which I've completed the series. Ultimately, I'm of the belief that Sergra will eventually be responsible for the destruction of the entire freakin planet.

I'll admit the storyline is fun, and the experience is grand... but talk about your irresponsible advice. Grektholar isn't a hero, he's the unwitting pawn that will bring about the collapse of the horde. All because he did somone a favor and killed a few over sized chickens.

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