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Comic for: April 29th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "No Time to Talk"
Posted: Thursday April 29th, 2004 by

I'd gone beyond the Well Rested state on my Orc Warrior, so I decided to actually PLAY the Undead Rogue I'd made to show you guys the jawless Undead model.

While I was playing, I grouped with someone so that they could benefit from my higher level, in order to get both of us the drop we needed.

Well, here I am with no bottom jaw just chattering up a storm, until I realized this other person hadn't said a single word. Me being me, my brain immediately flipped into "what if" mode.

Originally I'd convinced myself I was going to roleplay the part of having no bottom jaw. The character's name IS Uhhnnngh after all. I quickly realized though, how crucial communcation in this game setting is. I mean, where would I be if I could make a rude gesture at the guy stealing my kills* and call him a "camp-squashing, mob-stealing, chucklehead that wouldn't know 'fair game play' if it was wearing a name tag and doing his laundry."

At any rate, I found it incredibly humorous, in my own mind, to ponder the idea of piercing ones tongue, when it was dangling, jawless, below ones own head. Would be a very inconspicuous piercing then huh? I also figure he's pretty good at licking stamps. And considering the number of FedEx quests you generally do as a low level character in WoW, that talent for stamp-licking might come in handy.

So yeah, in the end the comic is me making fun of myself. And, unfortunately for you guys, I have a bottom jaw.

* by blasting them from a distance before I could run up and tap them despite the fact they were spawing very close to me.

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