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Comic for: April 19th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Whining is Stupid"
Posted: Monday April 19th, 2004 by

Shut up!

Since the last push it seems like whining has beome the primary skill in World of Warcraft. People are fussing about mobs, drops, skill points, the death system...

At this point, I'm pretty sure they'd whine about the grass if it doesn't blow in the wind, just to have something to whine about.

I'd really like to take a /bat to these folks. The only thing I could really consider to be worse, is that every third post is a question that has been asked 8 million times in chat already, and is easily answered by either reading quest text, or just spending a few minutes looking around like everyone else did.

I try to keep my mouth closed about it most of the time. And, I typically just ignore general chat while I'm playing these days. But the whining buzz does wear on me every once in a while, and I have to say something. And, that's today's comic: A bunch of the more common whimperings and my most recent response to it.

It's beta, the game is free, it's a ton of fun, if you have a problem with something /suggest your idea of a fix for the problem.

Until then here's a toast to Orc Warriors who realize that whining in chat will never fix a game.

To Grektholar!

--- Edit ---

Oh whoops! I'm whining about people whining!

Digress Woody! DIGRESS!

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