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Comic for: April 16th, 2004
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City of Heroes: "King of Beers"
Posted: Friday April 16th, 2004 by

One of the GU readers brought it to my attention that the Heroes of Paragon City are pretty horrible. Since, as they get more powerful, they ignore the more common evil-doers like muggers, purse-snatchers, common thugs, etc... because these more common evil-doers don't offer enough of an experience reward for it to be worth the Heroes "time".

Even in reading the CoH forums you can see this kind of issue in the complaints of people who rail on the boredom of the game. Those folks that actually enjoy roleplaying their characters are going to be the ones that really enjoy the game.

The folks at NCSoft don't give a rats ass about GU though, so I can't tell you any of that from first hand experience. I'm simply regurgitating what I read.

At any rate, the comic is supposed to be depicting and exchange you might see on the subject between your average experience-hungry player and the lesser known "role-player". "The King of Beers", of course, being a reference to Budweiser.

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