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Comic for: April 13th, 2004
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City of Heroes; Lineage II: "Gone Gold"
Posted: Tuesday April 13th, 2004 by

MMORPG.Com has reported that both Lineage II and City of Heroes have gone gold this week.

There is some room for debate as to exactly what "going gold" means. To some it is a numerical value associated with the number of units sold. Kind of like a hit CD "going platinum". To others it is simply the point at which a game has reached a level of completion that means it is ready to be published.

In either case, the sanctity of a game going gold is lost on me.

If you're referring to raw numbers, both of those games are pre-release. So, they have "gone gold" off of pre-orders alone. Which, I suppose, is a denotation of success. But then, with the cost of development these days, if a game doesn't "go gold" on pre-orders, they've pretty much got one foot in the grave already.

And, if by "gone gold" you mean the CD is ready to press, and the game is approaching a release day, whoopty friggin do? Wasn't that the intent? What's the need for celebration? We've been reading about the games for months, the only thing that's news worthy is if, after all that development, it DOESN'T go gold. But... Oooo Ooo... Lineage II hasn't just gone gold... it's "gone gold" MASTER STATUS. **rolls his eyes**

Anyway, we'll assume the latter, as it is the most common definition within the game community. And, honestly, I could care less that either of these games are ready for release. Releasing a game is the rule, not the exception. So, there's no point in telling us. We would have assumed the game had "gone gold" when we saw the boxes sitting on the shelf.

Maybe, I'm just growing cynical in my old age. But, press releases about games going gold, is just entirely too trivial. It's five hundred words of wasted hype.

And that's where the comic comes in. "Going Gold" means as much to me as successfully putting two pickles in a blender and hitting frappe. Hell, call it a game... it's gone gold.

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