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Comic for: April 8th, 2004
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Mafia Wars: "Volunteers"
Posted: Thursday April 8th, 2004 by

I make no excuses about how often I frequent MMORPG.Com. And some news I saw on the site today is a good example of why.

In amongst news of EQ2, WoW, Dragon Empires, DAoC, etc... is a little blurb that reads: "Want to design a MMORPG?"

So, I clicked and read; nodded over the information; considered my skillset; then got to the line "These positions are volunteer only" and proceeded to laugh my ass off.

The MMOG arena is full of games that are coming out of the gates swinging, offering high end graphics, and incredible features. And, this company is trying to shove their foot in the door on the backs of volunteers?

Don't get me wrong. For ever 3 excellent developers working on a professional MMOG staff, there are likely 2 incredible developers looking to break into the industry if given the chance. But, to try to muster a staff from the ranks of volunteers has some tremendous drawbacks.

1. These developers would not be working together in the same space.
2. Nemesis won't have any power to demand work in a timely fashion.
3. There will be no loyalty past the chance of being hired elsewhere.
4. It's highly unlikely that ANYONE will have ANY experience at all.

I'd comment further about the chances for success... but I'm laughing TOO hard.

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