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Comic for: April 6th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Depends"
Posted: Tuesday April 6th, 2004 by

From the first time he appeared in the Strip, Ted has been the "player" that just takes gaming a step too far. Fake or not, it seems that a large portion of Ted's makeup is comprised of congealed "Ewww". And, I don't mind so much. **shrugs**

I'm not afraid to take it a half step too far. Ted is Ted. He fills the role. And, even if we'd never do the things he does in the strip, we can all certainly associate with him and his zeal for the game.

Ted is the dark side of the gaming force, if you will. He's the embodiment of our obsession with MMOG's. And, with the number of new, upcoming, and vaporware titles out there right now, Ted could be up for a month straight playing the plethora of Free Trials and Open Betas.

Like I've said... the market is flooded. I'm thinking that maybe the industry could use some of Ted's super-absorbent, adult diapers to soak up the stream of 2nd rate, wannabe titles that are crowding our gaming space.

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