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Comic for: April 5th, 2004
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The Matrix Online: "Dodged A Bullet"
Posted: Monday April 5th, 2004 by

I know the whole "Ubisoft backing out of Matrix Online" is a bit of old news, but I figured with the upcoming release of the Matrix Revolutions DVD made it topical again.

At any rate, I couldn't resist the humor of the situation.

If it's not obvious, I really don't have a high opinion of Ubisoft. From reports of poor customer service, to the botched releases, to their willingness to dump games, to any number of other things... I just can't make myself be on their side.

Beyond all this, the release of a Matrix game into the already crowded MMOG market means the game should really be stellar. And, what I've seen of the game thus far is NOT stellar. It's subpar graphics with predictible features. It wouldn't take much to sell me on this game. So, please don't think I have a bias against it. I'm just looking for more out of such a markettable property than what I'm seeing. So there's the challenge to the world of "no spoon"... impress me.

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