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Comic for: December 19th, 2003
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EverQuest: "I Just Need a Hug"
Posted: Friday December 19th, 2003 by

Like I've said already the lore for the GoD expansion annoys the crap out of me, and the concept artwork looks like Hellraiser reject sketches.

But, the premice behind it all is that what we're about to face is SOOO evil that what we currently know as evil simply doesn't come close. And, we'll have to band together to beat it back. **rolls his eyes**

Unless it's an expansion about Furor and his ilk... I don't think we have much to worry about.

And, ultimately all we really need to defeat them is a hug.

You know... one of those firm hugs that supports you for your differences and tells you life will be okay?

Okay... well... maybe a hug and a Carebear Stare?

I'm just seeing a whole lot of CHEESE forthcoming with this content and, atleast for now, intend to avoid it.

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