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Comic for: December 18th, 2003
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Final Fantasy XI: "Anger and Rancor"
Posted: Thursday December 18th, 2003 by

If you hit the Final Fantasy XI official site, and look under the Beastman Army in the Adversary section of the site... scroll down near the bottom, you'll find the Tonberries.

Here's a snippet of their description:
[quote]These tiny beastmen live solely in the Yhoator Jungle on the eastern half of Elshimo. The Tonberries possess a great deal of anger, or "rancor," in their hearts. It is this anger that binds them as a tribe while driving them to commit terrible acts against all other beings.[/quote]

When I read that "great deal of anger, or 'rancor', in their hearts" part, I nearly fell over laughing. More from trying to figure why the hell rancor was in quotes than anything else.

Then again, every time I read anything on that site, I feel like I'm watching an adult try to read to a child. The quotes around rancor solidified that feeling for me. Almost as if the child was being told, via the quotes, to go look up the word in a dictionary.

But, I digress. I envisioned these guys walking around in a big village, filled with "rancor" in their hearts. Sharing communal greetings and well wishes:
"Kiss off Frank"
"Up yours too Chuck."
"I hate you all."
"Blow it out your ass."
"You too."

Going down those same lines my brain filled in more of the day to day goings on and decided that somethings might be taking it too far. Kind of like giving a negative review of Return of the King. **shrugs**

My brain at night... is a dangerous place. Especially after watching something like... oh... "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and realizing that "Return of the King" is in the theatre. THAT realization brings bile to my mouth even now.

In the end, I've decided that Square and the NON-American people playing FFXI probably think we're Tonberries. And that telling us this like we're children... might still be over our heads.

So here's to Tonberries, my new favorite aspect of Final Fantasy XI.

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