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Comic for: October 1st, 2000
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EverQuest: "Poopy!"
Posted: Sunday October 1st, 2000 by Woody

Considering how I produced the strip, I'm not certain how anything related to Domain Name Server issues would have impacted my ability to draw a comic like normal. I can only assume that I was so busy trying to correct the problem that I ran out of time to do a comic before bed. This did however allow me to introduce one of the most popular characters in GU history: Iggy McStickson. Because his name wasn't in the comic though people still call him "Poopy".

Whatever the issue it must have been serious. (Since the next comic wouldn't be posted until 10/25.) It's distinctly possible this was one of my early transition periods where the size of GU forced me to change hosts to keep up with demands on the server.

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