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Comic for: August 15th, 2000
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EverQuest: "30 Seconds"
Posted: Tuesday August 15th, 2000 by Woody

August 15th was the official launch of GU. Syndicated by the GameFan/Game Answer Network, /gu... as it was known at the time, was spread far and wide, growing so quickly it was forced to relocate to different hosts repeatedly to keep up with demand.

Regarding the comic, in the game, when you were ready to leave the game, you would "camp". Depending on where you were at the time, this could be a dangerous proposition as sitting down for any reason drew baddies out of the wood works to thwart you. And, the /camp command sat your character down for 30 seconds -uninterrupted- to leave the game. Uninterrupted is an operative word here.

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