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Comic for: November 18th, 2016
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GU Comics: "Success?"
Posted: Friday November 18th, 2016 by

It's okay to lightly tap the front of a DVD tray to get it to close. It is NOT okay to continue to push on the tray in an attempt to get it to close faster. Trying to explain the difference to a young boy has little effect. So, the hard fast rule was... do NOT push on the tray. Push the button to open AND CLOSE the DVD tray on the XBox 360. Hard fast rule though it may have been, it was ignored often enough to break the tray on two different 360s. The most recent one a few months ago. We talked about taking it in to have it repaired. Every time I would ramble on about being able to replace the DVD drive myself. I stupidly thought that was true.

I read the guides. It seemed like a simple procedure. Replace the broken DVD drive with the same model and all would be well. This past weekend, I was finally committed to getting it done. I opened the 360, removed the drive, matched the model number to a replacement on Amazon. It showed up a few days later. Went in easy. I thought I was done. Nope. DVDs played just fine. But, games weren't recognized. So, I googled the error message. Seems you can't just drop in the drive, you either have to swap out the control board or flash the drive. Neither of those options were as simple as they sounded.

Eventually I successfully swapped out the control board. The system now reads game discs again.

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