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Comic for: March 14th, 2016
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The Zapper!: "EQ Next"
Posted: Monday March 14th, 2016 by

When I read the news that Daybreak was shuttering EQ Next because "it wasn't fun" [more info], I wasn't quite sure how to respond. You see, I asked about being included in alpha/beta way back before SOE became Daybreak. No response. I tried talking to Smed, who had always replied to my emails before. Nothing. It seemed to me that SOE didn't want GU or myself to be part of the game's community. So, I obliged. I walked away from it and haven't mentioned it since.

Again, when I saw the news, I wasn't sure how to respond. Should I break my silence just to Zap the game? That seemed a tad unfair. Or should I ignore it altogether. I'll be honest, I was leaning toward the latter. In my head it just never was a game. What was there to zap? But, then I started thinking about the situation. The notion that Daybreak would pull the plug because it "wasn't fun". My bullshit meter was positively thrumming. No. Unless I miss my guess, the investment vultures who own Daybreak (Columbus Nova and the Renova Group), the guys that have whittled Daybreak down so far they barely have enough developers to maintain their current games let alone make new ones, pulled the plug because they weren't seeing the dollar signs. So that's where I felt I needed to go with the comic.

I'll let you guys decide if this constitutes EQ Next actually hitting the Zapper or not.

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