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Comic for: June 22nd, 2015
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The Zapper!: "Kinect"
Posted: Monday June 22nd, 2015 by

If Polygon's Ben Kuchera is correct, the Kinect's absence from Microsoft's efforts at E3 this year is telling. While the Hololens demo was allowed to shine, the Kinect was not mentioned. No games for it were announced. And Rare, a game company who has been focused on producing Kinect games, is now working on a multi-player pirate game called Sea of Thieves. Note: It's NOT for the Kinect. [more info]

Is Microsoft killing off the Kinect a certainty? Is Ben Kuchera correct? I have no way of knowing. He has a lot of experience. But, until Microsoft makes an official announcement, as is GU tradition, the Kinect Fly only hovers near the zapper, never actually getting zapped and fried.

I'll admit, I've not had good experiences with the Kinect. It was a never ending struggle to be standing in the right place, measuring my movements, watching as those movements were misinterpreted by the system, thus making the games nearly impossible to play effectively. Of course it could be that I just never played a good Kinect game... which is also a little telling, I think.

Not exactly a follow-up, but...
"Xbox exec: Unannounced Kinect games in development internally and by third parties"
by: Brian Cresente - June 16th, 2015

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