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Comic for: September 1st, 2014
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Minecraft: "Achievement"
Posted: Monday September 1st, 2014 by

I'd heard of the guy that built a functioning 1K hard drive inside Minecraft about a week ago, and that's impressive enough. But, today I saw the video. [more info] The structure is colossal. You can watch it here if you're curious as to how it works. Or if you want to walk around in it, Cody Littley, the computer science PhD student that designed it, has made the world file available via Google Drive*. He's also made the minecraft version of an email server.

Now, talking about the things I've built in game seem positively silly by comparison to this. But those accomplishments are mine. They're not diminished by Cody's brilliance. He opened the door though to think bigger, to try more difficult things, to not feel limited by the seeming simplicity of in game objects. Well done Cody.

(And yes, there is a giant 8-bit statue of me standing on a mountain just outside of my castle.)

* Here's the hard drive world file on Google Drive. Download it, open it, etc. at your own risk.

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