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Comic for: July 17th, 2014
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Nerd Culture: "Pissing Match"
Posted: Thursday July 17th, 2014 by

I LOVE the Batgirl costume redesign by Cameron Stewart and Barbara Tarr. It's "cute", current, less objectifying. If you haven't seen if, here's a link: Batgirl Redesign. But, it amuses me to no end that Marvel came over the top of that announcement by letting readers know that, come this October, Thor will become a female. [more info] It's all great in my book. Probably a little heavy handed on Marvel's part to make their comics more "girl reader" friendly. But, I'd rather see THAT than nothing at all.

So where does that leave DC? What could they do to steal back some of the thunder? When explaining the whole situation to Taks I summed up by saying "It's like Marvel kicked DC in the teeth and said 'what'cha gonna do, give Batman a vagina? Boosh!'" Of course, I was a little worried about misunderstandings over my intent. So, I changed it for the comic. But the fact is, if you're you're gonna consider the batman vagina comment sexist... you have to consider this sexist as well.

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