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Comic for: July 14th, 2014
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Dungeons & Dragons: "Perspective"
Posted: Monday July 14th, 2014 by

Last night the Sunday Night D&D Group sat down for a bit of 4th edition. We're currently running an Epic Tier campaign. The characters have leveled to 22 and are absolutely geared to the eyeballs. Taks served as the first DM for the Epic Tier and struggled with challenging their might. When her campaign ended Seamus stepped in. Last night we rolled through two of his main baddies like they weren't even there.

As a player, this staggering amount of power can be fun. But, admittedly, there's no real feeling of risk. As the DM, it's an absolute nightmare. If you grab something level appropriate, this group will devour it like ice cream on a summer day. But even pushing the levels it becomes incredibly difficult to stand toe to toe with us. That being said, no the numbers in the comic are not real. That is to say... I rolled them on my desk just now, not in game, and that 173 was actually 257.

After we annihilated the room, we all sat around the table and talked about what happened. Our gear, though level appropriate, may be a bit over the top. We've played 4e for a while now. We know how to build and play our characters. We know how to function effectively as a group. But, the general consensus is that Epic Tier is kinda broken. But that's part of the idea right? At level 22, we're quickly approaching demi-godhood. We're mere levels from calling out gods themselves. And there are always methods of using terrain, traps, etc. to slow a group down.

What kind of experiences have you guys had with Epic Tier in 4th edition?

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