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Comic for: February 5th, 2014
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Dungeon Keeper: "It Just Isn't"
Posted: Wednesday February 5th, 2014 by

When I heard there was a Dungeon Keeper game for Android/iOS, I was pretty excited. I loved the cheeky, be-the-badguy style and humor of Dungeon Keeper 2. But, as I tend to do, I started vetting the game. That's where the wheels fell off. Dungeon Keeper Mobile it seems is a cash grab of the highest order where you hit barriers to continued play almost immediately. EA Mythic even went so far as to make rating the game less than 5 stars difficult. I was so frustrated after reading the various articles, reviews, and developer responses that I decided I wouldn't use Dungeon Keeper graphics in the comic. This game didn't deserve it.

If you want to get a look into the whole thing, here's a review of the game conducted by Tab Times: 'Dungeon Keeper' review: money raid
And the game's senior producer, Jeff Skalski's subsequent response: EA responds to fevered 'Dungeon Keeper' paywall criticism

And to wrap up this comic and writeup, I'm going to agree with Tab Time's recommendation. If you want to play Dungeon Keeper, skip this bastardization entirely. You can get Dungeon Keeper 2 from GOG.Com for $5.99*.

*Note: GU does not make any money for the sale of Dungeon Keeper 2 via GOG.Com

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