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Comic for: September 4th, 2013
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Emerald City: "Welcome"
Posted: Wednesday September 4th, 2013 by

Well, what is all this then?

Of course, I can't illuminate anything for you here as it will just give away what I have planned. You might notice that despite the exceptionally late posting, this comic is listed as 9/4. Well this is the comic that was PLANNED for 9/4. But, my mom, who was staying with us until the new baby is born had to leave early due to health issues. Asthma and this altitude don't always play nice together. So Wednesday was spent, in part dealing with changing travel arrangements, and then Thursday I had to get her to the airport. Between taking the boy to school, taking mom to the airport, then picking the boy up from school, my day disappeared. I'm working furiously to make up for the missing comics and get this arc where it was SUPPOSED to be by Friday.

It's all good. We'll make it work.


A long time friend of the site is working on a gaming project that's moving along pretty well but is going to need some assistance to get to its release goal. The game is called Alteil: Horizons. It's a sequel to one of japan's most popular online card games. It mixes a collectible card game, turn-based strategy, and online roleplay. I've not gotten to play it yet, but they are woo-ing me to do the artwork for a card in the game. I'm hoping to clear up my schedule enough in the next few days to tell them yes. I'd like to be part of their Kickstarter goals.

Until then, I'll give you the link and ask you to spread it around. GU has always been one to try to support the endeavors of its friends and readers. Here's the link:
Alteil: Horizons on KickStarter

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