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Comic for: October 11th, 2012
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World of Warcraft: "Friendship"
Posted: Thursday October 11th, 2012 by

When I find a few minutes to play WoW these days, I find myself drawn mostly to the farming mechanics. Which means raising your friendship level with individuals in the zone associated with the farming faction: the Tillers.

You can raise your friendship level in the traditional fashion, but there are also mounds of dark soil which contain gifts that you can give Tillers to improve your friendship, and bringing them food they like works too. It's an interesting dynamic that weave cooking, fishing, farming, and rep grinding together. I dig it. Thus far my best friend is a drunken fish dude that like apples. He didn't give me a yak for my farm, but he tells me which seeds to plant to get the most return for my effort.

Sorry about the lack of shadowing on the comic. I was rushed and have other plans for the evening. I'll post the finished version as soon as it's ready.

UPDATE: Full color version posted.


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Quarantine Z: A Zombie Survival Card Game via Kickstarter.

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