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Comic for: March 23rd, 2012
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Mass Effect 3: "Reaper Says"
Posted: Friday March 23rd, 2012 by

So let me say clearly before moving forward... I have not played ANY of the Mass Effect games. I just thought it would be funny to address the Reaper perspective on the ME3 ending.

I'm not going into any details because I don't want to do the whole stupid spoiler tag thing. But I have been reading about this issue for days now. I've read both side of the argument. I read the arguments some more. I watched the ending. I read some more arguments, some suggested changes, and watched the ending again. What I can say is, I understand being upset about a game not ending exactly the way you want. That is to say, not giving you all the closure you desire. Not giving you all the options you would like. But I can't help but think it's a little silly to whine about it, demanding a change. This is Bioware's game. They've invested far more into it than you have personally. It's their right to end the game how THEY see fit. Does that make it a good ending? No not at all. Am I saying you shouldn't express your displeasure? Not in the least. Sell off the game and rate it down.

It's hard for me to express exactly where I stand on this, because though I know at their core the concepts aren't disparate... I can't fully trust that anyone but me will catch the nuance. For those I reasons I leave you to discuss this amongst yourselves. I have no dog in this show. I just wanted to give the Reaper(s?) a voice and give you, the readers, a place to voice YOUR opinions. The rest of the conversation is up to you guys.

So, have at. But, leave me out of it.

Note: I hate to have to explain it, but... The Reaper in the comic says stop whining is because NONE of the ME3 endings end well for them. So, by comparison we have nothing to whine about at all.

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