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Comic for: February 20th, 2012
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Dungeons & Dragons: "So Happy"
Posted: Monday February 20th, 2012 by

Last night was the first time we've gotten to play Sunday Night D&D in a few weeks. And of course it didn't take long for the dog jokes to start up again. It's not hard to fall into that particular mindset when the Longtooth says "I'm pissing on this one's head" instead of saying "I'm marking this one".

Our group is currently trying to find the source of a series of gnoll attacks on Hammerfast, my home town. We've found isolated groups, and caves, but nothing that really says "this is it". Well in one such cave last night we ran into some heavily armored gnolls, with undead things doing their bidding. These undead things would reach into themselves, pull out globs of black uck, and fling it at us. This black ucky stuff would then weaken us until we made a successful save.

When the fight was done it was suggested that the "dog" would probably end rolling around in the stuff, happy as could be. Everyone laughed at the notion a lot, but I'll give beer the credit for that one.

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