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Comic for: February 13th, 2012
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Woody & Ted: "What I Do"
Posted: Monday February 13th, 2012 by

So, because of Facebook, I've seen 300 different versions of this freakin' meme five times each. I have to be honest with you here; I'm getting so sick of seeing them that I've been avoiding facebook. But I really felt I had to address it. Do my take on the whole thing. Because that's the way I cope.

But it's not really accurate. It intentionally skews the perception to embrace my version of making fun of it. Most of my friends think the comic happens by magic. The world at large thinks I draw comic books. People that pay me to do it for them tend to think it take half the time I charge them for. And the IRS, from the best I can figure, thinks that I hand draw money which I roll in before buying luxury items.

The full on truth is that I love drawing GU. That being said, I really wish I was doing it as a hobby again rather than as a job. Dunno why. It's just the way I feel. Maybe it's old age, as evidenced by me shaking my fists at internet memes?

Note: the original last panel was me shaking my fists yelling at the internet. But I scrapped that because of how late it is. I may or may not edit the comic later on. Haven't decided yet. Of course it doesn't help when I forget to make the comic active. **whistles**

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