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Comic for: January 6th, 2012
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Rock Band: "Maneater"
Posted: Friday January 6th, 2012 by

So the headline that jumped out at me today was this: "Rock Band Weekly: Hall and Oates". I stifled and audible laugh, but my inner nostalgic oddball said "Oooo oooo ooo... Ted with John Oates' dirty little porno-stache!" And thus was a comic born.

You know when I think about my 80's I think tight-rolled pants, penny loafers, members only jackets, jelly wristbands, and some of the worst music I'll ever endeavor to scour from my memory. But it is fun to look back on it and shake my head an thinly veiled shame.

But as a gamer Nostalgia comes with a "gamer" price. I remember this situation very clearly:
"Dude come on. You gotta see this Chris found a secret way to get to the end of Super Mario Brothers!" We then literally ran the quarter mile or so to Chris' house. Not long after that we would gather to time Chris' speed runs.

You know I've played hundreds, if not thousands of games since then but those early days when we were defining what it meant to be a gamer will probably always be the best.

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