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Comic for: September 29th, 2011
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BlizzCon 2011: "Like A School Girl"
Posted: Thursday September 29th, 2011 by

When Ozzy played BlizzCon, I asked myself (thinking forward to the next year) "How do you top Ozzy?" Then they got Tenacious D. That'll do it. Then I asked "Well how the hell do you top Tenacious D?" This morning I got my answer. The Foo Fighters will be playing BlizzCon this year. [more info]

Now I'm not a huge Foo Fighter fan or anything. I like Dave Grohl. (He played the drums for Tenacious D at BlizzCon by the way.) But, I only know a few songs.

Taks on the other hand, got all leaky faced when I told her because, well, she loves Foo Fighters. I felt horrible that I was going to see them without her. I said I'd be happy to sit out the closing ceremonies as a show of solidarity. She told me that was ridiculous. So, as soon as she left for work I bought tickets to the Foo Fighters show that's here in Denver on the 9th.

It wasn't really in the budget. But I can't have my girl being all leaky faced now can I?

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