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Comic for: August 17th, 2011
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HeroQuest: "Whoopsy!"
Posted: Wednesday August 17th, 2011 by

I've been on a HeroQuest kick since the moment that beat up old box hit my doorstep. But the the expansions are somewhat rare and prohibitively expensive via online auction sources. So I've been recreating them with the help of a few dedicated websites, card stock, my printer, packing tape, adhesive backed foam, etc. And the pieces I can't buy, I've bought cheapy, pre-painted D&D minis instead. In my attempts to strip he crap paint jobs some pieces have been... damaged.

Okay so I haven't melted any like the comic shows. But the advice I've gotten about stripping paint from these pieces has been met with frustration and waste. In the end I resolved to just prime the pieces. A nice grey helps them blend in with the existing pieces anyway.

Well the piece that served as the basis of the melted guy in the comic looked bad from the moment I bought him. But I was hoping the primer would help that some. Nope, when primed the piece looked even worse. So I DID drop him into a small jar of CitriStrip paint and vanish stripping gel. **grins**

After 15 seconds his features were a bit less crisp. But again this piece is horrible, so I have no intentions of using him. I just wanted to see exactly how much damage the CitriStrip would do to the rubber these D&D Minis are made out of. I knew it'd be intense. But if I'd left the piece in there for a minute or more, I'm fairly certain he would have just disolved into a blog of grey and black goo, which would have been awesome.

Come to think of it... I might have used him then.

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