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Comic for: August 8th, 2011
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HeroQuest: "Trapped Chests"
Posted: Monday August 8th, 2011 by

Last night's Sunday Night Dungeons & Dragons group was small again, so we introduced another new person to HeroQuest. We ran through the first couple of Quests (though two of the players had just done them last week) to bring the new player up to speed. It's interesting how, despite being two of the same quests, the game had a completely different feel. I understand that this has everything to do with character interaction and dice rolls. But still.

Now I didn't get the exact conversation committed to the comic. But this is a close enough approximation to give you a sense of how things went. The new guy played the Wizard, and after tales of how the previous wizard died, he was a little wary of traps. Which kind of amuses me because in the first two quests, there is only one trap. Total.

For the record, there are no chests in HeroQuest that are trapped with undead bees... YET.

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