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Comic for: October 8th, 2010
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Comic Jumper: "It's Smilin' Time"
Posted: Friday October 8th, 2010 by

So I'd heard about Comic Jumper a while back, and where I liked the idea it completely slipped off my radar. The idea is simple... you're a smiley faced super hero, aptly named Captain Smiley, who move through different comic books in an effort restore popularity to his own flagging title. As Captain Smiley moves between books his art style changes to match.

Well that's all well and good. 1200 point game on Xbox Live Arcade available as of a couple of days ago, blah blah blah. But what amused me, obviously, was in looking at some screenshots I saw the line "Press X to Look At Your Stuff". I smiled in spite of myself. And since the game is riddled with "crude humor" and "suggestive themes", I figured it was only right to make a not-so-subtle penis joke.

Well Hello.


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