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Comic for: July 1st, 2010
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Artwork: "Move Along!"
Posted: Thursday July 1st, 2010 by

There's a comic idea for today. Stormy and I hammered away at it until it worked. But sketch as I might, all morning long, I just couldn't get the picture to come out the way I wanted. Now, just shy of noon and still no finished artwork to show for it, I've called it a day.

And on top of the art not coming together, one of the owners is stopping by later today and I have a lot of stuff to do before he gets here. So I can't really spend more time wrestling with another idea. To put it simply... Sorry folks. Today, I got nothing.

So, what's that jumble of color cluttering the comic panel?

Well, about a month ago I asked the folks in the GU Fancast (which I won't link because I'm not trying to pimp it with this comic/writeup) for requests. One of the subscribers asked for "A wind-surfing panda, in space, on a rocket-board, chased by mutant koalas in pirate uniforns with 50's style zap-guns, trying to recover the Key to Universal Happiness the Indiana Jones Wannabe Panda has taken from its ancient resting place in the temple on the planet below?" So that's what I drew, for the most part. (Thanks LazerFX!)

I just hope the Fancast folks don't mind that I used the artwork in this way.

Again, sorry about my lack of ability today. I'll make sure today's ORIGINAL comic shows up sometime next week.

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