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Comic for: May 5th, 2010
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Woody & Ted: "Day of 1000 Darts"
Posted: Wednesday May 5th, 2010 by

So yesterday you probably found yourselves somewhat comic-less. And I apologize for that. But by the time I had my desk set up it was already far too late to actually post anything. Then, of course, I found out the cable outlet in the spot I chose for my desk doesn't work.

I ran over to the other house to get a list of things we needed. On that list, a long roll of Cat5 that I couldn't actually find. I had to stop at a 24 hour Walmart on the way home. The shiny new 50 foot length of Cat5 is now being run to the nearest bedroom with a functioning cable outlet.

Taks and I discussed a new location for my desk that I think will work. I'll keep you posted. As for the missing 360? It's not true. But this move has seen a lot of little things like that. Stuff we need, that we know we have here, but can't find. And stuff we need that inconveniently is still over at the other house. If it was Ted and I moving, something like the 360 going missing would be exactly what we would have experienced in the last couple of days. And of course, it would be my fault. Thus would Ted take it out on me with all his big haired fury.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to reroute a cable wire for the TV's new location since... well... my desk is going where the TV now lives. And the new location for the TV? has to have a cable outlet wired to it. **whistles** Wheee fun!

So how's everything? Anyone playing anything fun, while I slack from doing real work by carrying heavy boxes up and down steps?

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