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Comic for: June 24th, 2009
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Guest Strip: "Project Natal"
Posted: Wednesday June 24th, 2009 by

"This is a pivotal moment that will carry with it a wave of change, the ripples of which will reach far beyond video games" is what Steven Spielberg said about Microsoft's new non-controller-controller technology. And onyxfire813 said, "Dude, people do stupid sh*t".

Okay onyxfire813 doesn't exist but you know someone said it. So when you add those two ideas together, you get the basis of Stormy's most recent guest strip submission. Here's what she had to say about it:
Here's another guest strip for you; one that's been kicking around in my head ever since E3. Hopefully it's cropped tastefully enough that it doesn't trip "NSFW" sensors for anyone. As for an explanation... well lets just say that I hope Microsoft has some checks and balances in place for the more "colorful" of scans created with Natal.


For the three of you that haven't heard about Project Natal, Microsoft is employing a new camera/sensor technology to bring controller free gaming to people's living rooms. Combining an RGB camera, a depth sensor, a miltu-array microphone, and a custom processor running proprietary software the Project Natal sensor follows your body movements and voice commands to control games, navigate menus, etc. You can even use the system to scan in personal items for inclusion in games.

So where I'm not sure if people will be able to scan in their naked bodies (the full body scan mentioned in most articles about the system refers to the full, 3D body scan that graphs 48 joints in your body so that Natal can track your movements), I am relatively certain people will find ways of "abusing" the technology. It's gonna be awesome.

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