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Comic for: January 5th, 2009
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Gaming News: "The Golden Ring"
Posted: Monday January 5th, 2009 by

Judson King is an 11 year old gamer from Lawrence Kansas who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. So much so, in fact, that he asked his mother for a real one. The problem however was that his town had an ordinance prohibiting the tiny mammal within city limits. After years of research, preparation, and lobbying King found himself in front of the City Commission presenting his argument to lift the ban. Finding "few serious reasons" to keep the law, it was officially removed from the books last Tuesday. Judson received a two and a half month old hedgehog named "Little Luke" soon after.
Source: CNN Video [ more info ] and KansasCity.Com [more info]

I found this article by way of Kotaku, and where they pick at Judson I decided to take the journalistic high ground. Obvious obsession aside, I think it's fantastic that he was so passionate about ANYTHING that he was that willing to work for it. Good on him and his decision not to just accept a law that didn't seem to make any sense. I just wish one of the cited articles explained why the city had banned Hedgehogs in the first place.

The only part I don't understand is... why didn't he name it Sonic?

And in the world of weird coincidence, I was watching Bubble Boy just a few short hours before finding the article. Yeah yeah I know, not 100% relevant. But, I thought it was interesting none the less. Don't mock me for my marginally related, tangential musings!

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