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Comic for: April 10th, 2008
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Gaming News: "I Ams A Genius!"
Posted: Thursday April 10th, 2008 by

In a recent interview with Fear.Net infamous "game movie" director Uwe Boll, in response to a question about a petition requesting that he stop making movies, stated that it would take one million signatures to convince him to stop. [more info] In the days following Uwe "goal" the petition ballooned from 18 thousand signatures to over 164,000.

In response Boll demanded a pro-Boll petition that he expects will also garner a million votes. He then proceeded to call Michael Bay a "[expletive deleted] retard", accuse Eli Roth of "making the same [expletive deleted] movies over and over again", and proclaimed his upcoming game to movie translation Postal to be "way better" than all that "social citic George Clooney [expletive deleted] [that] you get every [expletive deleted] weekend". Boll also stipulated that if movie goers "really look at" his movies they would see his "real genius". He ended his response with the assertion, "I'm the only genius in the while [expletive deleted] business".
Source: 1up.Com [ more info ]

If you ask me, and I know you didn't, Uwe is out of his damn mind. I mean he's always been self-assured, confident, colorful, and a bit foul mouthed. But, I'm starting to think the man is spiraling down into his own dillusional/insane fantasies. This is a good thing though. Maybe in a few years he'll be rocking in the corner somewhere, drooling as his nut-addled brain convinces him he's committing more "genius" to cellulose.

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