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Comic for: March 13th, 2008
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Guest Strip: "Stat Bonuses"
Posted: Thursday March 13th, 2008 by

On the sickness front, I thought that first day was bad. Yesterday proved me wrong the first day was just a taste. Last night I started to feel a bit better so I thought I'd gotten over the hump. Wrong again. Today was been... just... yeah. So when I saw that Melissa had submitted a guest strip, I jumped on it. If this serves as any indicator as to how much this damn cold is slowing me down, it's taken me nearly two hours to post a guest strip.

Anywho, this is what Melissa had to say about her submission:
Since you haven't been feeling well I thought I'd send in a "just in case" filler comic. Mostly, I've been wanting to send you a great big "thank you" for linking me last time. I got tons of page views and even met a few new friends on DA. You're fan base is seriously full of awesome people ^_^

As for the comics description; In Smash Brothers Brawl there are little stickers you can collect throughout the game that when added to the bottom of a characters trophy cause stat boosts. I have a lot of fun with this little feature because it's a lot like a puzzle. Balancing size, shape, usefulness I find often that the really big stickers aren't worth putting on. Anyway I think it's a fun way to do an equip system, and it's even funner to think of people putting stickers all over things in the hopes of causing improvement.

Have a Great Day!

Melissa forgot to include her Deviant Art link this time around, so here... let me do it for her:

Thanks again Melissa.

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