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Comic for: February 20th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "Staging a Sit-In"
Posted: Wednesday February 20th, 2008 by

When no gaming news interested me last night, I decided to do a follow up to yesterday's comic. See, for my all my joking, I'd love it if RedOctane or Harmonix included even one Tool song in either of their games. So, as usual, I let Ted be my voice on the subject.

So what's with the blue body paint? Well, when I was in college, I drove some friends several hours one way to see Tool in concert. After suffering through the opening band, Tool finally made their way onto the stage. Painted mannequins in sexual positions were strown about. And when Maynard (the lead singer) came out he was hairless, painted blue with white dots, two little horns, and a pair of Joe Boxer smiley face drawers.

Now, they only did a handful of songs and didn't come back out for an encore. So for a decade now I've felt like they owed me something.

I would settle for "Sober" in a rythm-based video game.

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