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Comic for: August 9th, 2007
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Civilization IV: "Spirit of Adventure"
Posted: Thursday August 9th, 2007 by

So, as many of you know I did the kickoff comic and a 3 page comic series for 2K's recent Civilization Daydreams promotion. Today is the last day of that 3 page series. Well in working with 2K I played a LOT of Civ IV and wanted to do comics about it. But, I didn't want to interfere with process opting instead to use the jokes for the project. But 2K didn't think they were Civ-specific enough so we went in a different direction. Today's comic is one of the jokes that were moved to the side.

The idea was to show the irony of well known leaders that came into power in pre-existing civilizations having to start a civilization themselves and what they might subsequently consider roughing it. Nothing in my mind tells me that Hammurabi's definition would be the same as mine.

Oh and if you haven't already read the "Picking Your Battles" series you can read all three pages here:

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