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Comic for: June 13th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Knowing your Userbase"
Posted: Wednesday June 13th, 2007 by

This past Monday (6/11) Wizards of the Cost, makers of Magic: the Gathering and owners of the AD&D IP, announced the development of a gaming portal/social networking site built on "three pillars", Community, Games, and Editorial Content, which WotC feel they have been "providing gamers for the last 15 years". Dubbed Gleemax.Com, Randy Buehler, Vice President of Digital Games for WotC feels the site "will provide a lasting infrastructure that supports not just [their] own customers, but the entire hardcore gaming culture".
Source: 1Up.Com [ more info ]

In my mind, if Wizards of the Coast were truly trying to support the "hardcore gaming culture" they would have picked a different name because I'm not even hardcore and "Gleemax" doesn't do it for me. When I see the site's name I can't help thinking I'm being treated to the "Max"imum amount of "Glee" one can get from a rehashed business direction. Change one of those e's to an a and toss an extra e on the end (GleamAxe) and maybe we're getting somewhere. So, this is me making fun of the name NOT the idea.

In my mind there's nothing wrong with any, and every, company creating a Web2.0 style mash of content to service their particular demographic. Hell, I pretty much do it myself right? But knowing one's userbase means you don't end up with a vile green site and a name like gleemax.com. You end up with a vile green site and a name like gamerankspotplacetab.com

P.S. It's named after a Magic: the Gathering - Unhinged Card.
(Thanks GU readers that are for more Magic savvy than I)

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