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Comic for: May 3rd, 2007
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Vanguard: "To Dream a little Dream"
Posted: Thursday May 3rd, 2007 by

Last Sunday (4/29), Brad McQuaid, Chairmain & CEO of Sigil Games the company responsible for Vanguard Saga of Heroes, submitted a lengthy "State of Game"-style post to the Vanguard section of the SOE forums. McQuaid's commentary is honest, direct, and covers aspects of the community and of Vanguard itself that may be hindering the game's growth. Ultimately he surmises that the game still has tremendous potential though he admits it still needs work and could use a "re-launch".
Source: SOE - Vanguard Forums [ more info ]

Since the rumor began to float around that SOE might buy Vanguard, or Sigil itself, I've had this idea in mind. But, in a search for more information (that was ultimately fruitless), I held off on actually posting it. Today is when I finally gave in. The comic hearkens back to those strips a few years ago when I was fond of making Smed + wallet joke.

In my mind the whole thing is still nothing more than a rumor. The posts people keep sending me as proof says nothing about a buyout of any kind. They say SOE and Sigil are talking about the future of Vanguard. That being said, it's still evident that something significant is likely coming. There's no point reading between the lines. It doesn't seem like we'll need to wait too much longer to get an actual answer.

And before anyone gets angry with me for picking on Smedley again, just keep in mind that I actually like Smed.

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