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Comic for: February 14th, 2007
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Woody & Ted: "Wikipedia"
Posted: Wednesday February 14th, 2007 by

As per all of the information still readily available in yesterday's comic writeup thread, GU's original Wikipedia entry was removed due to administrator claims that it lacked relevance/notability. I certainly don't want to demean all of Breandan's efforts by giving Ted responsibility for the entry in today's comic. But, I just couldn't resist a demonstration of ulterior motives. An idea that I also apply to the removal of webcomics from Wikipedia.

Please note, I'm not saying here that I believe Wikipedia volunteer admins were deleting webcomic entries in order to pick up chicks. Rather, I'm relating this feeling I have that there is an alterior motives behind the project remove webcomics from Wikipedia. In my opinion most comics, regardless of their quality, serve as social commentary on some level which is inherently notable and relevant. That not an argument that the current ruleset allows for. Apparently no item can be considered relevant unless an antequated form of print media produces an article about said item.

Long before the internet blossomed into an endless pool of knowledge, the value of print media (newspapers and the like) was already on the decline. The widespread success of unlimited access to free information has sped that spiral. And now, barely crawling out from under its perceived "infancy", sites like Wikipedia are striving to justify themselves rather than serving the very goal that made them popular in the first place. To begin deeming topics irrelevant now stinks of self-serving hypocrisy, a 9th inning bid to acquire credibility.

I'll admit that I'm swayed by my own bias here. I'm a grumpy commentarian with a penchant for cynical interpretation and satirical exploration of a topic. Then again I'm also prone to abandonning my faux sense of purpose and simply resorting to the crass. That is to say, when I get annoyed, I'm inclined to just say "bit my crank", I go eat some icecream, and feel remarkably satisfied.

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "Destroy NYV" from Threadless.Com.

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