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Comic for: February 2nd, 2007
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Vanguard: "Old School"
Posted: Friday February 2nd, 2007 by

The first day the Vanguard servers went live the masses of people I saw in the Kojan starting areas in the last few days of open beta had already used their pre-order keys to move on. So when I looked around there just weren't many players. The same thing happened when I started playing EQ. I was a couple of months late to the party so there just weren't many people around Halas.

Well one of the first few quests you get is to collect the hides of some black razorback boars. Now, in the last few days of beta there where a good handful of people running around slaughtering the pigs. I had to look around some and be patient to find one. When the server went live, they were just standing there waiting on me to kill them.

When the idea popped into my head, the joke was so bad, so old school that I decided not to draw it. Then this morning, no other joke ideas immediately coming to mind, the notion struck me to do the comic old school as well. Make it look like those original GU strips that used the same kind of bad joke ideas. I couldn't resist the commentary, the parallel, between my first days of EQ and the comic, and my first days of Vanguard.

Hopefully you guys don't mind the throwback strip.

I worked hard on the website this weekend and then kind of fell into slacker mode to enjoy the Superbowl. So, basically something I did just to amuse some of you guys is now the actual comic for today. I'm hoping you'll forgive me, but atleast it leaves the new style version of the 2/2 comic in the archives for future reference rather than getting eventually lost/deleted.

2/2 Comic: In the Current Style


So what makes an oldschool GU strip?
thin detail lines, thick outlines
the characters take up very little space in the comic
hard edge shadowing with not real attention being paid to a light source
big awkward text bubbles
no background, just a terrible gradient

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