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Comic for: December 27th, 2006
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At the Store: "PS3 - Elf Trade"
Posted: Wednesday December 27th, 2006 by

I'm not sure exactly how he acquired the elf. Maybe there was an assault on Ted's location, and the assualt didn't go as planned. Maybe somehow Ted used powerful anti-Santa technology to acquire him. But in the end, when Ted says he has an elf tied up in the back room, it's kind of hard to dismiss the comment out of hand like you would with almost anyone else on the planet.

And hey, it's not that big a leap to offer the bastard in trade. I mean, that's some kind of hostage-leverage for next year. And all Ted wants is a PS3. Sounds like a pretty good trade yeah?

At any rate, the comic is based partially on reports currently floating around gaming news sites about hungry ebayers trying to trade their PS3s in for cash and in-store credit because their auctions just aren't moving anymore. Other reports talk about people trading their PS3s for Wii + money via craiglist. Sounds like trading PS3's for Santa's elves may well be a good racket.

Oh, and I got money that's says folks in retail are very familiar with that look on Ted's face.

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