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Comic for: December 22nd, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Consiracy"
Posted: Friday December 22nd, 2006 by

The "evil" Sony marketing machine has fumbled the viral campaigns for the PSP. So, I figure fostering anti-wii sentiment might be a logical next step for the PS3 marketing braintrust. Of course it could all just be the paranoid delusions of a snow-logged hardcore gamer that can't get his Gears of War over XBox Live fix while his internet connection is unstable.

In regards to Ted's conspiracy theory, let's talk through this. First Sony got busted for paying people to paint PSP laden graffiti on he sides of buildings. And just last week they got busted for posting the efforts of a couple of gamers trying to convince their friend's mom to buy him a PSP for christmas on a site aptly named "alliwantforchristmasisapsp.com". The problem being, it was all fabricated in an attempt to stimulate hype for Sony's beleagured handheld.

So, it wouldn't suprise me at all to find out a site that showcases supposed failures of the wii-mote, and the resultant damages, was funded by morally bakrupt Sony marketing strategy. Initially "wiihaveaproblem.com" amused me, but as the videos and images became increasing more unbelievable the joke wore thin. But the person, or persons, writing for the site are still covering the images as if they were real. Which seems really weird to me.

At any rate, where I do believe most of the photos at wiihaveaproblem.com are fake, I don't really believe it's a piece of viral anti-wii marketing. If you're given to game industry-based conspiracy theories though, I think Ted's is a good one.

Editted to NOTE:
A recent blatantly false image was called out by the owner of the site. So they're no longer "all" being covered as if they were real.

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