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Comic for: December 8th, 2006
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Poopy Strip: "Wii Parcheesi"
Posted: Friday December 8th, 2006 by

My brain is mush as I'm a little tired right now. But, as soon as we get home , I write a more in depth article on the Charity Event and our fantastic accomodations at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center.

Hoping that some of you might be willing to use the extra time until my full account to do some mild reading and stir the cockles of your holiday spirit:

The charity event was held to support the Anchor Center for Blind Children. If you have some extra money laying around that you haven't found a good use for... this may be the perfect opportunity to make sure it doesn't just sit around collecting dust.

The folks at the Anchor Center, through much hard work, fundraisers, and generous contributions, have built a new facility three times the size of their previous building. Now they just need help outfitting it with the proper equipment etc.

So basically, if you can donate please do. These folks could use some good old fashioned GU Community love.

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