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Comic for: November 17th, 2006
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At the Store: "PS3 Release"
Posted: Friday November 17th, 2006 by

Reports have popped up all over the place regarding the chaos and VIOLENCE surrounding the release of the PS3. Long lines are getting out of hand. Cutting in line is leading to fights. People are being mugged. Not to mention the thefts.

Now, I've never bought into the idea of being "first". It's just not worth it to me. Especially when first means spending more money.

In my mind the PS3 is already overpriced I'm not saying that the parts and equipment aren't worth it. I'm saying that it's not worth it TO ME. And here those "overpriced" systems are being sold for two to three times their retail price via places like eBay. And now to top off the ridiculous price you also have to worry about being harmed while you wait in line for a CHANCE at one? Pssshhh.

Screw that noise, show me the release titles. What's out there at release that even makes the system worth taking up space in my living room. Again, that's a completely personal opinion, and if other people disagree fine. No harm in disagreement. I'm just trying to come to terms with the ignorance of long lines, bloated prices, and violence in the name of being first.

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