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Comic for: November 7th, 2006
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Guitar Hero II: "Waiting Patiently"
Posted: Tuesday November 7th, 2006 by

I pre-ordered my copy of Guitar Hero II back in August, and delivery day is finally here. Sure it hurt knowing that it was sitting in a wearhouse for a few extra days because there was a RedOctane mandate that it NOT be delivered before the national release. But, I think knowing that it will be here some time today is more painful.

Every little sound and I snap my head around to look at the door. Every excessive "heavy truck" rumble and my legs get all twitchy.

I can look at the tracking page, and see that the package arrived in the primary routing city for our area, less than 15 miles away, this morning at 6am. I can see that it's "Out for Delivery". So, I know that right now it's getting bounced around the back of a big brown truck, unlovingly pushed aside, and jostled by other packages.

Uhhh yeah... waiting patiently isn't something I'm very good at. Knowing that it's less than 10 feet from the door to my TV where my PS2 is prepped and ready to go... only makes it worse.

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