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Comic for: October 17th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Computer DTs"
Posted: Tuesday October 17th, 2006 by

Apparently the key to looking at life more like Ted is go through serious computer withdrawals.

Everything I do in an average day seems to take 4 times as long. All the info I need is resting on a hard drive no longer in my possession. All the comic templates, archives, all my archives email, etc are all on a work bench somewhere being ignored but probably still costing me money. Nothing against the guys at Data Doctors her, but when your business, your livelihood is completely dependant on your computer, not having that computer starts to hurt more every day.

I have so much work, and so many projects, that needs to be done I'm just falling deeper and deeper into the "not enough time" hole. The funny part is I'm so frustrated with the laptops that it's fanning out to other things. Example: When I need to relax, I'll walk away and do something else. Like earlier today (when the litle laptop was refusig to open Photoshop), I walked away to play Guitar Hero. But, I was so frustrated with the computer trials than I lost my cool after tanking the same song three times in a row. I made up a few new curse words, pulled my sock off, and threw it at the TV screen. **laughs** It's exceedingly rare that I lose my cool, but atleast the end result was really funny.

Alrighty, enough whining. I'll just apologize again for the non-gaming, recycled comic graphics for these last couple of days, it's pretty much all I have the ability to provide right now. Man, if I could just afford a hundred person staff regurgitating crap like the guys working on Garfield do... I'd be set. **grins**

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Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "In Case of Zombies" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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